Main Auditorium

Perfect for conference plenary sessions, keynote addresses, seminars and forums, the main auditorium provides a perfect stage for your event to connect with your audience.
  • Seats up to 818

The main auditorium accommodates 818 people in tiered seating over two levels, providing a warm, intimate atmosphere that’s popular with both presenters and audiences. As well as theatrical presentations, it is also a perfect venue for keynote addresses, seminars and a wide variety of large events. It is further complemented by full technical facilities with expert technical support available.


  • Tiered seating for 818
  • Air-conditioned armchair comfort
  • A 211m2 stage, full theatrical lighting and a 24-channel sound system
  • Fully-equipped technical control room
  • Six fully appointed dressing rooms, one wardrobe and one green room
  • Speaker preparation room, VIP lounge or media room
  • Kiosk facilities and a merchandise selling area
  • Excellent acoustics and sight-lines
  • Public address system
  • Disabled access and hearing loop
  • Wireless internet

Technical facilities

  • 24-channel 3-way system installed during 2003 and designed to support touring events and includes a foldback system and separate dressing-room sound system
  • Wired and wireless microphones, multi-channel control desks and special equalisation and effects equipment
  • Full theatre-style lighting with 72 x 5kw dimmers controlled from either the rear technical control room or the prompt side control desk
  • 2 x 50amp and 1 x 30amp three-phase outlets accessible either on stage or at the prompt side control desk
  • Expert technical staff
  • In-house communications via a talkback system and a 20 line fly system

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